A Merciless Release

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A 7" vinyl bootleg based on recordings from The Sisters of Mercy's gig at The Royal Albert Hall June 1985.

A Merciless Release - 7" Cover (front)
A Merciless Release - 7" (ovderview with clear yellow vinyl)

Release Notes

  • Label: Scatterbrainchild Records
  • Catalogue#: SR 002
  • Universal Product Code (UPC): 37988 65054
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: January 1987


  • Limited edition of 500 stamp-numbered copies.
  • There is a yellow box on the back cover for the
  • Comes in a folded black-yellow paper sleeve
    reaching up only half on the back and stored
    in a transparent plastic cover

A Merciless Release - Fold-out Cover (back)

Further Remarks

  • The records run at 33 ⅓ rpm. Some are reported to be badly pressed.
  • Mastered at Greg Lee Processing, listed as L-26433. Accordingly, the vinyl matrix is marked L-26433-x
  • The labels are olive-greenish brown (looking like bronze- or golden-coloured).
  • Additional notes on labels:
    on Side A: YANKS RULE
    on Side B: LIMEYS DROOL
    on both sides: ALL RIGHTS DISTURBED
  • Available on yellow (orange) and clear yellow vinyl, as well as on black and dark purple vinyl.
    The dark purple copies are so dark that they look almost like black and reveal their colour only
    when held against the light. Wax copies are said to exist as well.
  • Five test pressings on clear vinyl are known to have been made. These come in a b/w and yellow cover.
  • In addition, this bootleg was repressed on clear yellow and clear blue vinyl by the bootleggers
and released with the same catalogue# but in a different cover as a limited edition of 200 copies
under the title In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall.

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A.   Knockin' On Heaven's Door         original by Bob Dylan 3:53
B.   Emma original by Hot Chocolate         4:45

Additional Pictures

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A Merciless Release - Back cover with black vinyl
A Merciless Release - Overview
A Merciless Release - Black vinyl, cover unfolded
A Merciless Release - Cover (front) with black vinyl (Side A)
A Merciless Release - Yellow vinyl
A Merciless Release - Dark purple vinyl held against the light
A Merciless Release - Orange vinyl (Side A)
A Merciless Release - Orange vinyl (Side B)
Test pressing on clear vinyl with b/w and yellow cover