Anaconda (test pressing)

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Anaconda - Test Pressing Label A
Anaconda - Test Pressing Label AA

The test pressing for The Sisters'

single No.4 - Anaconda

Production Notes

  • Label: Mayking
  • Catalogue#: MR 019
  • Format: 7" vinyl single (Test Pressing)
  • Issued: 1983 (France)


  • Date Stamp: 15 FEVR. 1983
  • In the pictures of this copy here,
    the Anaconda label is stamped "A"
    and also marked "2" in handwriting.

After in February 1983, this test pressing had been made and proved correct, the Anaconda (single) was officially released in March 1983.

Track List

Side A Duration                                     Side AA Duration
Anaconda                            4:06 AA  Phantom                            7:10