Body Electric (acetate)

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Body Electric - Acetate (Cover Front)
Body Electric - Acetate (Insert)
Body Electric - Acetate
Body Electric - Acetate (Cover Back)

This is allegedly an acetate of the Body Electric single. Please click into the files for larger views

The item surfaced recently, and we do not know much more about it than what the insert says.

Of course though, as digital mastering was just in its infancy at the time of the original Body Electric release,

the present item was definitely NOT manufactured back in the 1980s, but is a bootleg made to bring about some new collectors item.

 Release Notes  Further Remarks
 *  Label: - unknown -  *  Original tracks digitally remastered, recorded directly to the discs
 *  Catalogue#: none  *  The cover imitates the original CNT release.
 *  Format: 7" acetate (two-sided)  *  Limited edition of 15 copies with hand-numbering on the insert
 *  Released: around 2010 (Germany)                                      *  Most likely, these items come from the same producers
       who did the Empire Down Acetates (please scroll down to "Acetates").

Track List

Side A Side B
Body Electric                                                                         Adrenochrome