Body Electric - Adrenochrome

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Body Electric - Adrenochrome
- 7" bootleg single cover (front)
Body Electric - Adrenochrome
- 7" vinyl with 12 Tracks Records label
Body Electric - Adrenochrome
- 7" bootleg single cover (back)

A 7" vinyl bootleg that has hardly ever been seen, maybe a one-off from the bootlegger. Anyway, by the time this issue appeared, the official Body Electric single
was already out of sale. Apparently however, this bootleg consists of record two from the The Damage Done - Adrenochrome bootleg release. Label and catalogue#
are identical. Beyond that, there are "Side Two - Body Electric" labels on both sides, which also counts for some copies of the aforementioned release.

Release Notes

  • Label: 12 Tracks Records
  • Catalogue#: 712TR02
Body Electric - Adrenochrome - Overview from both sides
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 1987 (UK)


  • The vinyl runs at 45 rpm.
  • Run-out grooves
  • The cover is a typical 12 Tracks Records wrap-around sleeve, and like
the official Body Electric single, it shows Francis Bacon's Head VI on front,
here, however, in its original colours.

Track List

SIDE ONE              Adrenochrome                        SIDE TWO              Body Electric