Doctor Jeep (1993 release)

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Doctor Jeep (1993) - cdBACKtrax (front)
Doctor Jeep (1993) - cdBACKtrax (back)

An EastWest Germany only re-release

featuring a different track list as the

Doctor Jeep single issued in 1990.

Release Notes

  • Label: EastWest Records GmbH
  • Catalogue#: 4509-92936-2
  • Format: CD-single
  • Released: 1993 (Germany)


Side A Side B
Doctor Jeep           8:54         Sandstorm           1:46

Doctor Jeep (1993) - cdBACKtrax (disc)

Here is a quote from Underneath The Rock #7 page 3... mentioning the release:

"East West Germany are to release The Sisters' "Doctor Jeep" / "Sandstorm" as part of a series of CD singles
called Backtracks on May 14th. The two tracks have been culled from MR51 ("Dr Jeep - Extended"), and MR43
("Sandstorm"), and have not been re-mixed in any way, shape or form. The series has apparently been conceived
to mark the demise of the vinyl single. An example of corporate irony, no doubt"


  • The series was actually called cdBacktrax.
  • The CD comes in a in a die-cut cardboard sleeve with the company's cdBACKtrax series artwork.
  • Notes on the back of the sleeve are:
    eastwest records gmbh - A Time Warner Company
  • Marked with: GEMA/ BIEM Made in Germany
  • (C) 1993 eastwest records gmbh
  • (P) 1990 WEA Records Ltd. - (both tracks)