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EastWest Logo

The Sisters Of Mercy's last record company,

a sub-subsidiary of WEA - Warner Bros. Records - Elektra Records - Atlantic Records, see EastWest

The logo on the right side was used for the 1990-2000 incarnation of EastWest.

Quote from disogsWiki/EastWest/Notes concerning EastWest UK:

Warner Music's chairman Rob Dickens gave A&R man Max Hole his own label, EastWest, partially in order to shift

a number of dissatisfied Warner/WEA artists from under Dickens' charge. Artists such as The Beloved, Simply Red and

The Associates switched from WEA to EastWest to follow Hole. The label operated, as with most Warners brands, at a

global level.

Hole left EastWest in 1998, taking up a role as senior VP, marketing and A&R at Universal Music International. Dickens

took the label under his control, and promptly dropped most of its artists.

- END of quote -

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