More 12" (promo)

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More - 1993 12" Promo (label side a)

This EP is - due to it's content - also often referred to as More (Power Mix) 12" Promo.

Release Notes

  • Label: EastWest
  • Catalogue#: PM 1209
  • Format: 12" vinyl EP
  • Released: 1993 (Germany)


  • The vinyl comes with a die-cut black sleeve only, and no further cover.
  • Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd/Lost Boys Music/Rightsong Music Inc.
  • Produced by Eldritch / Steinman
    Steinman is spelled wrongly Steinmann on the label.
  • Engineered by Charlie Bauerfeind at Wisseloord Studios (Netherlands).
  • Public performance and broadcasting of this record prohibited.
  • 1990 WEA Records Ltd. / 1993 eastwest records gmbh

Track List

Track Version Duration
Side 1    More Power Mix   10:53
Side 2    More           Groove Mix             10:53