Nine While Nine (flexi)

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This flexi features The Sisters' song Nine While Nine.

Remarkably, some mispressed flexis in the same cover, with the same catalogue#, and even in the same flexi colours!
do exist as well, but have the song Body Electric on them. Anyway, there is no hint at the mispress. See the pictures down below.

Nine While Nine - Flexi Cover (front)
Misprinted Body Electric - Flexi Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: 5175
  • Format: 5.5" vinyl flexi-disc single
  • Date of Release: late 1908s/early 1990s
  • Place of Release: Russia

Recording Notes

  • There is only one track on side a and no b-side.
  • The recording is in mono and plays at 45 rpm.
  • The cover is a b/w computer print on plain paper.
  • As far as we know, this flexi exists in
blue, clear and green vinyl colour.

Additional Pictures

- Please click into files for larger views -

Nine While Nine - Flexi (blue)
Nine While Nine - Flexi (clear)
Nine While Nine - Flexi (green)

Mispressed Body Electric Flexis which look entirely like Nine While Nine Flexis but have Body Electric on the discs...

Mispressed Body Electric - Flexi (blue)
Body Electric - Flexi (clear)
Body Electric - Flexi (green)