No Time To Cry (Split Landscape Postcard Flexis)

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Polish Split Motive Landscape Postcards featuring Jolene layed side by side - the pictures show excerpts from the veduta "View of Warsaw from the side of Prague" by Venitian painter Benardo Bellotto

An extraordinary specialty even in Polish Postcard Flexis are the splitted versions, one of which is presented here.

The present set of two flexi postcards with the Sisters song No Time To Cry shows some excerpts of an extremely detailled landscape painting by Benardo Bellotto of the Polish city of Warsaw as seen from the side of Prague at around 1770. The original of this veduta is part of the Benardo Bellotto Collection of the Zamek Królewski, the Royal Castle Museum in Warsaw. At the time of the creation of this picture, the Royal Castle was inhabited by the last King of Poland Stanisław II Augustus, a great collector of exquisite works of art, who had recruited Bellotto to work on the castle. One result was the original painting that later made its way into the Royal Castle Museum Collection. A black and white etching of this motive, made in 1772, can be found at the Polish National Museum in Warsaw.

At least one further such flexi postcard set featuring excerpts from the same veduta and the track Jolene covered by The Sisters of Mercy does exist, see Jolene (Split Landscape Postcard Flexis). The Sisters' song No Time To Cry can also be found on the No Time To Cry standard flexi version, some Polish Art Postcard Flexis and on a sound postcard showing the typical This Corrosion single motive.

Left Split Motive Landscape Postcard (front)

Release Notes

  • Label / Publishers: - unknown -
though the original postcards seem to be produced for the the Royal Castle Musuem in Warsaw
  • Format: set of 2 x flexi in postcard format
  • Released: most likely in the late 1980s or early 1990s
  • Place of Release: Poland

Left Split Motive Landscape Postcard (back)
Right Split Motive Landscape Postcard (front)
Right Split Motive Landscape Postcard (back)


  • These split motive postcards usually come in a set of two,
thus mostly including both parts of the full motive.
Not so here, however, as the two postcards together show only a fragment of the original picture.
  • The postcards of a set regularly feature the same song on the pictured front.
  • The back of the two cards here is also identical and - unlike the front picture -
the landscape prints on the lower parts do not consist of different excerpts from the original veduta.
  • Both cards come with a printed sticker saying:
  • Most of the other notes on the back of the postcards come in Polish and French language:
Bernardo Bellotto
Widok Warszawy od Strony Pragi , 1770 (fragment)
Zamek Królewski w Warszawie
Le CHATEAU ROYAL de Varsovie
or in English:
View of Warsaw from the side of Prague, 1770 (fragment)
The ROYAL CASTLE in Warsaw
for. A. Ring i B. Tropilo; proj. A. Napiórkowski & Z. Tomaszewska

The creator of the original picture, Bernardo Bellotto (Canaletto the Younger), should not be mixed up with his uncle and teacher Giovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto) who was the first to be known under the mononym "Canaletto" and named so because a) he was the son of the Italian painter Bernardo Canal, i.e. the "little Canal", and also due to the fact b) that his oeuvre - apart from various London scenes, where he lived for some years - consisted widely of vedute showing his birthtown Venice with its plenty canals. His nephew Bernardo Bellotto followed the footsteps of his uncle and also started using his name "Canaletto", though his work is focussed mainly on Rome, Dresden, Vienna and Warsaw.


Side 1 (front side)        -      No Time To Cry

Additional Pictures

- Please click into the pictures for larger views -

View of Warsaw from the side of Prague - B/w Etching, Benardo Bellotta, 1772
View of Warsaw from Praga - Original Painting by Benardo Bellotta (Canaletto), 1770