The Reptile House EP (test pressing)

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The Reptile House EP (Testpressing) - Label Side A
The Reptile House EP (Testpressing) - Label Side AA
The Reptile House EP (Testpressing) - Label Side A In Sleeve

Extremely hard to find:

a testpressing of The Sisters of Mercy's Reptile House EP

with handwritten catalogue# and production date stamp.

Production Notes

  • Label: Mayking
  • Catalogue#: MR 023
  • Format: 12" vinyl EP (Test Pressing)
  • Issued: 1983 (France)


  • Basically white labels with the header "échantillon" (French for test, sample)
    and a minimum of handwritten information filled into pre-formatted gaps.
  • Date Stamp: 17 MARS 1983
  • The label Side AA does not show the catalogue# of the EP
    as is often the case with testpressings.
  • Instead a simple "4" is noted in place of the catalogue#.
  • Allegedly, 100 copies were made. In fact, around 12 copies are known to exist.


  • These testpressing have other run-out grooves than the final EPs.
plus (which do not appear at all on the final release) "A PORKY PRIME CUT"
and in addition also: "lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'entrate"
(Italian for Abandon all hope, ye who enter here)
This wording was used by Dante in the first chapter of his Divine Comedy
within an inscription on the Gate of Hell...

Track List

Side A  Duration
A1   Kiss The Carpet                                     5:55
A2   Lights     5:51

Side B

B1   Valentine     4:44
B2   Fix     3:41
B3   Burn     4:49
B4   Kiss The Carpet (Reprise)                       0:36

Additional Information and Pictures


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