This Corrosion 12" (ELEKTRA promo one-sided test pressing)

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A single-sided testpressing for the This Corrosion 12" Elektra promo.

To all likeliness, the A-side of the above mentioned promo got pressed individually as it was to feature the short vocal edit version of the song, while the extended version would go on Side B. The test pressing for the original 12" single had the extended version of the song on Side A, the pressing of which could therefore be used for the B-side of the 12" promo. The shorter version of the song had until then been available only in 7" format.

Track List

Side A Duration         Side B     Duration
This Corrosion (7" version)    4:24  blank      ---

Production Notes

  • Catalogue#: Side A of promo ED 5263
  • Format: 12" vinyl single, single-sided
  • Produced: 1987 (US)

Further Remarks

  • Runouts:
Side A label: ST-ED-A' ED 5263
Side A runout: [SRC Logo] ST-ED-5263A¹ \ - / sf/alt
  • The single is one-sided and runs at 33 ⅓ rpm.
  • It has no recording and a plain white label on Side B.
  • The vinyl comes in a generic white cardboard sleeve
with handwritten info and catalogue# on the spine