Thu, 22-Sep-2011

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The Powerstation, Auckland, New Zealand

Powerstation New Zealand.jpg

The very first show of The Sisters of Mercy on that part of the planet was scheduled to be on...Thursday, 22 September 2011 - The Powerstation, Auckland

Due to the cancellation* of the Soundwave Revolution Festivals in Australia The Sisters' gig in New Zealand was cancelled as well.

Fortunately, The Sisters of Mercy were then billed for the Soundwave Festivals in February/March 2012

and the Powerstation gig in New Zealand was re-scheduled to Wed, 22-Feb-2012.

* Alas, an XXX 30th Stage Anniversary of The Sisters of Mercy without any major cancellations based on promoter decisions had not really reflected the entirety of that 30-year path the band had to take ...