Walk Away (Golden Label Promo Flexi)

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Walk Away - Golden Label Promo Flexi Disc (side of the groove)

This is NOT one of the Russian flexis released by BudKon.
Whoever was the producer of this sort of flexi is not known so far and these items are obviously extremely rare.
There is, however, at least one further flexi of this kind, see Black Planet (Golden Label Promo Flexi).

Walk Away - Golden Label Flexi (front) with Cover

Release Notes

  • Label: - unknown -
  • Catalogue#: none, though marked as a promo release
  • Format: about 7" square vinyl flexi disc with cut edges
  • Released: unknown, possibly in the early 1990s
  • Place of Release: - unknown -


Walk Away - Golden Label Promo Flexi Disc (back)


  • This flexi disk is almost as large as a regular 7" single.
  • It is recorded on one side only and has no b-side.
  • The sound quality is no better than that of other flexis;
most likely the track is recorded in mono.
The groove runs at 45rpm.
  • The flexi itself consists of two plastic sheets
that are tightly and precisely sealed together.
  • The top sheet is white and carries the groove of the song,
while the bottom sheet is blue and blank.
  • The white front has a golden label with hand-written
inscription giving the band name and the songtitle
and marking the item as a "promo".