Alice (Australian 2009 re-issue)

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A re-issue of the original Alice 7" single manufactured and distributed by some Australian bootleggers initially as record 3 in a a set of three.

Alice - Australian 2009 Reissue Single - Cover (front)
Alice - Australian 2009 Reissue Single Cover (back)
Alice - Australian 2009 Reissue Single - White Vinyl (Side A)

Release Notes

  • Label: - none -
  • Catalogue#: MR 015
Alice - 2009 Reissue (Label Side B)
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 2009 (Australia)


  • White vinyl running at 45 rpm
The tracks are taken from the original 1982 release.
and therefore do not represent any reliable information, whatsoever.
  • The cover imitates the (rarer) mispressed version of the original Merciful Release single
but - at least - has the release year "2009" printed beneath the logo.
  • The vinyl comes in a glossy sleeve which, unlike all original versions, opens to the side.
The cover has no thumb cut.
  • Some sources name the UK as the country of release, which is just not true.
This record was initially sold exclusively as one component of a three-record set issued in Australia.
The latter was limited to 1,000 copies and offered the first three singles on coloured vinyl.
Meanwhile, ever more individual copies are being seen at prices often higher than the price for the whole initial set.
  • Run-outs:
Side A: MR 15 A
Side B: MR 15 B

Track List

Song       Duration Song         Duration
A   Alice    3:34                           B   Floorshow    3:40

Additional Pictures

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Alice - 2009 Reissue (Label Side A)
Australian 2009 Three First Singles Bootleg Reissue Set
Alice - White Vinyl (Side B)