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Alice Dirty Funker Mixes - 12" Cover

Although this bootleg was released in the 2000s, the old head-and-star logo

and the familiar Caslon Antique font were used. The cover, the typical black

inner sleeve, the labels, all of this looks very similar to an official/promotional

The Sisters Of Mercy release.

This, added by the initial (but wrong) impression that the bootleg was released

in two versions - "Alice 2004" and "Alice Dirty Funker Mixes" - caused quite a

frenzy when it surfaced, especially, since the vinyls were soon sold officially

in common record stores.

In addition, the mix featured here was said to be a VERY good one and that it

ought to be heard as it featured a dance-oriented side to an early Sisters recording.

Release Notes

  • Label: none - private release of Mr. Dirty Funker
              Mr. Dirty Funker has also released several other bootlegs
              such as a remix for Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.
  • Catalogue#: SOM001X
  • Format: 12" vinyl / CD-r
                (the latter most likely an edited fake copy of the vinyl)
  • Released: 2003

Alice Lyrics on back cover


' 12" Version

  • The black vinyls come in a rough black cover with a golden print.
  • The lyrics of Alice are printed on the back of the cover.
  • Label Side B gives the following information:
    - rise and reverberate
    - contact:
    - hijos del pueblo a las barricadas
    - spiggy rides again
    - for promotional use only

CD-r Version

  • The CD-r seem harder to find than the 12" version,
    although the tracks of both were soon ready for download all over the web.
  • The CDr - like the vinyl - claims to be an official WEA promo, which of course isn't true
    since The Sisters had already left the label in 2003.

Track List

12" Version

  • A: Alice (Dirty Funker Mix)
  • B: Alice (Doktor Dirty Funker's Avalanche Dub)

'CD-r version

  1. Alice Dirty Funker Mix (Edit)
  2. Alice Dirty Funker Mix (Main Mix)
  3. Alice Dirty Funker Mix (Dub Version)

For recent price developments see popsike/dirtyfunkermixes...

Additional Pictures

Alice Dirty Funker Mixes - 12" Label Side A
Alice Dirty Funker Mixes - 12" Label Side B