Amsterdam Melkweg

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Amsterdam Melkweg - Cassette and cover

Release Notes

  • Taper: unknown
  • Format: Cassette (C90)
  • Released: 1984


  • Soundboard Recording - excellent sound quality
  • Several vinyl bootlegs and CDs of this concert were released as well,
see Live At The Melkway, The Unmarked Door, Live In Amsterdam 1984 ...


  • The cover of this particular tape consists of black paper with purple and golden print and the Merciful Release logo.
  • A small b/w photo, taken at the concert, is added to the cassette.
  • There is no indication, whatsoever, that this half-way official looking cassette bootleg was bought and sold
    at a regular record shop of the time. However, such tapes were commonly found on informal record markets.
  • Anyway, this recording was spread by unofficial traders among the international fanbase, (see the pictures below).
  • At least two audience recordings from this concert are known to exist as well, both of which also of very high sound quality.

Typical trading cassette
with a recording from the gig


Tape (Side A) - Amsterdam 2.6.84
Side A
A1   Burn
A2   Heartland
A3   Body And Soul
A4   Anaconda
A5   Walk Away
A6   Emma
A7   Alice

Side B
B1   Body Electric
B2   Gimme Shelter
B3   Ghostrider
B4   Sister Ray