Body And Soul (video)

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The Sisters of Mercy - Body And Soul

The Sisters of Mercy's first official music video ever.

A strange little thing, with its slow camera-panning across what looks like the fake ruins

of a roman coliseum. Lots of smoke, lots of orange and red lighting, lots of netting in the

foreground, and lots of extreme close-ups of Andrew Eldritch, who even bashes out a chord

on a guitar in a couple of scenes. He also appears to be wearing blue leather trousers in

a couple of shots.

A highly amusing and very silly video, which some are sure served as a learning experience

for the band and possibly even as a prototype for the video for This Corrosion...

On the right side below, there is a live version from the Royal Albert Hall 1985

and a more recent audience video from Stockholm 1991.

A choice selection of stills

The Sisters of Mercy - Body And Soul - Live @Royal Albert Hall 1985
The Sisters of Mercy - Body And Soul - Live Stockholm 1991
Vid body6.jpg Vid body2.jpg
Vid body4.jpg Vid body5.jpg
Vid body3.jpg Vid body7.jpg