Brothers And Sisters

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Brothers And Sisters - Cover (front)
Brothers And Sisters - Overview

Recorded live at the Metropol in Aachen on April 17th, 1985.

Release Notes

  • Label: SIBRO
  • Catalogue#: BRO 1/2
  • Format: 12" Vinyl LP
  • Time of Release: 1986


  • Limited Edition of 150 copies
  • Full black cover with red sticker
  • Textured hardpaper inlay with track list
  • Possession is spelled 'Prossession'.
  • Very good sound

Additional Remark

  • There exists at least one other bootleg from another band with an identical design:
It has the same cover art, the same inlay layout and the same limited edition number.
The one we are refering to is The Cure - Past Cure.
See images below.


Brothers And Sister - Inlay

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Brothers And Sisters

Additional Pictures

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Brothers And Sisters - alternative label side 1
Brothers And Sisters - alternative label side 2
The Cure - Past Cure
- Front cover
The Cure - Past Cure
- Inlay of the LP