Colours 2 DJ Promo (flexi)

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The Sisterhood - Colours - Part II - Cover (front)

This is a hardly ever seen DJ promo version of a Russian flexi.

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: - none given -
instead клубная пластинка is written on the label in Cyrillic script
translating into "club record" so as to say "DJ Promo"
  • Format: 5.5" vinyl flexi disc
  • Release date: unknown, late 1980s/early 1990s
  • Place of Release: Russia
The Sisterhood - Colours - Part II - DJ Promo flexi (clear)



  • There are six flexis in total that have parts of Colours on them, see (apart from the present one),
Colours 1, Colours 1 And 2, Colours 2, Colours 3 and Colours 2 And 3.
  • The present flexi comes in a cover similar to the Colours 2 flexi,
but it looks slightly lighter, and a different font was used.
  • The flexis itself has, however, the same track on it as the latter;
although, there is no catalogue# on the label as it is marked as a "DJ Promo".
  • The recording is in mono on one side only and plays at 45rpm.
The duration of the track is 2 min.
  • The cover consists of a b/w computer print on plain paper, which does not enfold the flexi in full
so that the colour : is visible. It is not known, however, in which colours such Promo flexi were
distributed. The only promo flexi that has ever surfaced so far is the clear one pictured here.