Come Together In Mercyland (LP)

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Come Together In Mercyland - Cover (front)

A bootleg from the 1990ies, existing in various formats and - as for the LP - in a wide variety of colours.

Release Notes

  • Label: unknown
  • Catalogue#: Joy - 010
  • Release date: 1994
  • Limited edition of 500 copies
  • Vinyl colours differ widely, 20 are known to exist.
  • Labels are blank and black on the one side, white on the other.

Cover Notes

  • Info on the backsleeve: For the rest of the concert see CD with the same title
  • The running times of the songs are wrong.

Come Together In Mercyland - Cover (back)


  • There are two different bootlegs with this title: the present LP and a CD version,
    the latter also with the variety of a box set.
  • The tracks of these two formats differ.
  • The CD version contains a more complete recording of the gig,
    while the LP comprises some bonus tracks from other sources.
  • In addition, another bootleg of this gig is circulating, titled Don't Play With The Devil;
    there is, however, nothing known about the format of that bootleg.


Track List

Existing varieties of vinyl
Side A - white - green splattered
A1   Comfortably Numb / Some Kind Of Stranger             8:35 - white - blue splattered
A2   Ribbons 5:22 - white - grey splattered
A3   Train / Detonation Boulevard - Medley        4:00 - white - black splattered
A4   Alice 3:50 - light blue - black splattered
A5   Giving Ground 4:40 - turquoise - black splattered
A6   Come Together 3:29 - purple - black splattered
- white marbled
- grey marbled
Side B
- grey - black marbled
B1   First And Last And Always
B2   Under The Gun 4:15     -    not on CD                                                                - green - black
B3   Something Fast 3:45     -    not on CD - dark green - black
B4   Vision Thing 5:03     -    not on CD - light blue
B5   Body Politic 2:46     -    not on CD - light blue - grey
B6   Burn 2:52     -    not on CD - light grey - black
B7   Poison Door 3:33     -    not on CD - clear white
- clear blue
- clear green

Additional Pictures

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Come Together In Mercyland - light blue vinyl
Come Together In Mercyland - clear green vinyl
Come Together In Mercyland - white / light green marbled vinyl
Come Together In Mercyland - clear vinyl
Come Together In Mercyland - white marbled vinyl
Come Together In Mercyland - dark green marbled vinyl