Doctor Jeep 10" (acetate)

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Doctor Jeep  - 10" Acetate - Side A
Doctor Jeep  - 10" Acetate - Label (Side A)
Doctor Jeep  - 10" Acetate - Side B

Production Notes

  • Catalogue# of later release: MR51 / 9031-73261
  • Format: 10" acetate
  • Produced: 1990 (UK)


  • The item is recorded only on Side A.
Side B is empty and without a label.
  • Label Notes: Released 3rd December 1990
  • The duration of 2:59 given on the label does only somewhat fit with the radio edit version (3:03) of the CD-single.

Track List

Side A Duration                 Side B Duration
Doctor Jeep          2:59 no track         ---

Further Issue by City To City

A further 10" acetate with an edited version of Doctor Jeep has obviously been issued by City To City.

Nothing much is known about this plant apart from their standard labels showing various contact information (see below),

which are, however, crossed out with a black pen on the Doctor Jeep acetate.

Any relation between this issue and the above acetate remains unclear.

Production Notes Remarks
 ●  Label: EastWest / Merciful Release  ●  Address (as on label): 50 Coopers Road, Handsworth
 ●  Catalogue# of later release: MR51 / 9031-73261                                 Wood, Birmingham B20, Tel: 021-554 6418
 ●  Format: 10" acetate  ●  Like the above acetate, this item is one-sided, too.
 ●  Produced: 1990 (UK)  ●  This acetate comes in a thick white die-cut sleeve.

City To City 10" acetate label
- Doctor Jeep - Edit
Acetate label with address information
Acetate label with different information, maybe
referring to another label - Midas Music Complex