Dominion 12" (ELEKTRA promo)

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A promotional item for the release of the Floodland album and the accompanying Dominion single.

Like the This Corrosion 12" ELEKTRA promo, this release exists in different versions - one pressed by Specialty Records Corporation
and another one pressed by Allied Records Company. The A-side label in the picture below is from a Specialty Records pressing, while
the label of the B-side is from an Allied Records pressing, distinguishable by their respective industry codes (SP / AR) .

Dominion - ELEKTRA Promo in Generic Sleeve
Dominion - ELEKTRA Promo Label (Side A)
Dominion - ELEKTRA Promo Label (Side B)
Release Notes
Production Notes
(as on labels)
• Label: ELEKTRA • Words and Music: Andrew Eldritch
• Catalogue#: ED5294 • Produced by Jim Steinman, Larry Alexander, Andrew Eldritch
• Format: 12" vinyl single                           • Engineerd by Larry Alexander, Roy Neave and Andrew Eldritch
• Released: 1988 (USA) • Track on Side B from Elektra LP 60762 - Floodland
Label Notes
• The single is recorded in stereo and runs at 33 ⅓ rpm.                         • ℗ 1987 WEA Records Ltd. All rights reserved.
PROMOTIONAL COPY Blackwood Music Inc., (BMI)
NOT FOR SALE • Manufactured by Elektra/Asylum/Nonesuch Records
• Matrices: • Pressed by either Allied Record Company.
  Label Side A: ST-ED-5294-A-AR (Allied Records pressing)    or Specialty Records Corporation
  Label Side B: ST-ED-5294-B-AR (Allied Records pressing)    both of which are sublabels of WEA Manufacturing Inc.
  Label Side A: ST-ED-5294-A-SP (Specialty Records pressing)
  Label Side B: ST-ED-5294-B-SP (Specialty Records pressing)    All issues come in a generic ELEKTRA die-cut sleeve.

Track List

Side A                             Duration                         Side B Duration
Dominion          3:43 Dominion/Mother Russia                  7:02