Dust Boat (song)

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Dust Boat - Cover (front)

Dust Boat is the title track of the 12" Merciful Release single

with the same name by James Ray And The Performance.

The record was launched in October 1989 under catalogue# MRAY11.

The song is also featured on the following album of the band, A New Kind Of Assassin.

In 1996, Fifth Colomn issued their "Best of James Ray's Performance & Gangwar" compilation,

and Dust Boat is among the tracks chosen for this release as well.

For other releases by James Ray see our James Ray Discography and, above all

the James Ray Official Site,

where an audio stream of this and other songs are available for a listen.

The lyrics and an audio clip can also be found here on this James Ray Fan Website.

A still video of the track is here...


Dust Boat

A New Kind Of Assassin - Album cover (front)
Best of James Rays Performance and Gangwar - Cover (front)

I'm gonna ride my ticket got places to drive
Keep my eyes on the highway keep my head on the sky
Making love to the world at 75
I think I love ya baby doing 95

Let's go
on the dust boat

Lights turned head on til' break of the night
I'm gonna Drive Drive Drive to the morning light
Keep my body burning til there's nowhere to run
Drive drive drive into the sun

Let's go
into the sun

Freight train freight train rolling by
kiss me baby kiss me baby kiss me good bye
please please please please don't ask me why
i've gotta dance dance dance dance into the sky (the sky)
I've got to dance under the moonlight

Let's go
Dust Boat, Dust Boat, Dust Boat baby
Dust Boat, Dust Boat, Dust Boat girl
Dust Boat, Dust Boat, Dust Boat baby
Dust Boat, Dust Boat, Dust Boat girl

I need to find my home where the buffalo roam
Got my white line highway five-oh-one
I feel my body shaking, more dead than alive
Making no plans doing one by five

Let's ride

I'm looking at the world through the things in my eyes
And I can see your face in the morning sky
?? going one-ninety-five

Suicide baby, dust boat girl

Let's go
Hey baby, drive

Gonna all there I'm gonna drive it til the break of the day
I'm going to drive it til I'm singin' from an early grave
here we go now


Words & Music: James Ray And The Performance
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.