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James Ray has started from relatively simple and minimalist sounds, moving along aggressive

guitar-sampled industrial techno over onto full trance-based techno albums within various bands

and a variety of projects.

See also James Ray Official Website and check for a listen to the complete range of James Ray's releases.

Lyrics and audio clips can also partly be found on this James Ray Fan Website.

Recently, James Ray inter alia, re-compiled and re-released all of his music including demos and rarer tracks

along bandcamp.com, d-monic and Cherry Red Records

James Ray is currently mainly involved in the Black Hearted Riders project.

Enjoy !!!

James Ray And The Performance

Mexico Sundown Blues
Mexico Sundown Blues - 7" Promo
A New Kind Of Assassin

James Ray And The Performance were the first band of James Ray including Carl Harrison on keyboards and Richard Harvey.

  • 1987 - Texas - (7") / MRAY38
  • 1987 - Texas - (12") / MRAY38T

not on Merciful Release:

  • Evolution - an online-only compilation release,
a limited number of very few copies were distributed in advance of the actual release, though.
A still video featuring the track is currently available here...

James Rays Gangwar

Another Million Dollars
Without Conscience
Dios Está De Nuestro Lado

After the dissolution of James Ray And The Performance James Rays Gangwar was the follow-up band
consisting of James Ray, Damon Vingoe, John Bainbridge and, temporarily, Travis Earl.

Merciful Releases

- not on Merciful Release:

  • 1989 - Underdog - (Fanclub Flexi of 12-10-89 Leeds-University) - released by Flexi Records Ltd
  • 1992/3 - Fuel - (12" / CD)

Underdog - Flexi
Rev Rev Lowrider - Cover (front)
Fuel - Cover (front)
Third Generation - Cover (front)

Best Of ... - Cover (front)
Psychodalek - CD Cover (front)

  • 1996 - The Best of James Ray's Performance & Gangwar - released by Fifth Column
This compilation consists of 2 CDs featuring Dios Esta De Nuestro Lado
and A New Kind Of Assassin, basically using the artwork for the latter.
by 24:24 / Twenty Four Twenty Four
  • 1996 - Psychodalek (book) - released by 24:24 / Twenty Four Twenty Four
- ISBN 0952823500
A PSYCHODALEK t-shirt was also available for £6 plus £1 P&P at the time
PSYCHODALEK - Book Cover (front)

- Quotes from the the original book:

This book is sold under the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent resold, hired out or circulated
electronically or likewise, to anyone who has been deemed mentally irresponsible by society. Anyone found flaunting these
conditions could be held responsible for this book becoming a work of fact rather than of fiction.

PSYCHO (siko) n., Slang. A psyghopath - a person with a personality disorder, especially
      one manifested in aggressively antisocial behaviour, amoral attitudes, and
      continually fluctuating moods.
DALEK (daalek) n. 2. A person who behaves in a dehumanised automatic manner.

From the back of the book cover:

A modern Jekyll and Hyde set against the backfrop of a near future London, where riots are the norm and drugs
flow like piss. You are taken on an orgy of cold blood and murder tight into the heart of the city's backside
through Joe Menelik's eyes and out of James' mind.

James Ray's Gangwar - Rev Rev Lowrider
- Industrial Festival Cannes, 06.02.2016 -
... so listen to it at least @soundcloud...

  Latest Gangwar News

   On 6 February 2016, James Ray's Gangwar played the Industrial Festival

   in Cannes, France, see the live track from that gig here on the left side... ;-))) ...

   Furthermore, a new track was recorded and is available for a listen

   @soundcloud under Absolutely Free (Let Me See Your Hands).

   Cheers... ah btw, there are some pretty videos in this channel  . Enjoy.

The MK Ultra

This Is This
Beluga Pop
F.U.C.K. Promo
Third Generation - 12"

The next project of James Rays were The MK Ultra.

Note: "mK Ultra" is the name of a band different from "The MK Ultra".

Both are presumably named after Project MKULTRA, a truth serum project developed by the CIA after World War Two.

- not on Merciful Release:

  • 1993 - Third Generation 12" Promo - released on Surgery in 1993 and featuring three tracks,
    - 2 versions of the title track from the former Surgery release Third Generation,
    - plus the song F.U.C.K from the then oncoming The MK Ultra album This Is This.
    Obviously, this promo was also released officially with full cover and labels.

Jacobs Ladder

Paris Riots

In 1995 a project titled "Paris Riots" was due to be released by Merciful Release.

It never saw the light of day apart from the fact that in the mid-2000s a CD titled "Jacob's Ladder"

surfaced in an online auction. As far as we know, this CD contained only one track and was accompanied by

a file, which allegedly showed the according contract between James Ray and Eldritch Boulevard.

If you are interested in this issue, we recommend you dig this thread and this thread on the Heartland Forums.

James Ray & The Longfolk

James Ray & The Longfolk

James Ray & The Longfolk are only one of the many projects in which James Ray has recently been involved.

Please find all available information on their 2005-released CD-r album

Everywhere's A Strange Part Of Somewhere here on discogs

This CD features the songs Beneath The Tupelo Tree, Between Those States Of Mind, Nothing At All and A Higher Plains Drifter

Some of the according audio files are available for a listen here in some still videos @James Ray's YouTube Channel.



4080peru is another project by James Ray. The according film is available for watching here.

  • Empty Hearts Break (DVD)
This release consisted of a 52 minute video that could be played with four different tracks.
Meanwhile, there is no trace of it anywhere.

A short exerpt from James Ray performing 4080peru live at The Garage, London on 26 February 2005
can be viewed on YouTube.

Check also the 4080peru myspace page, and listen to some tracks recorded in 2008.

Dancing Wu Li Masters


The 25men band cooperative is another project James Ray has regularly been working with recently,
partly including and elaborating his former productions. 25men are also on Facebook and myspace.
A 25men discography @discogs is available as well.

Some of their songs/videos can be found on YouTube ...


In 2008, an album was produced and released with d-monic, see The Dancing Wu Li Masters

2009 saw the appearance of a data-file consisting of the 5:24 track "Re:set", see Re:set.

A film titled 4080peru and produced by the 25men was performed on 26 January 2013.

This film can be watched here in full length.

4080 Peru was also performed live at Industrial #18 Festival Cannes 2014.

Nowhere Left To Go

Earl Rivers & A Band Of Heathens

Earl Rivers & A Band Of Heathens made a sudden and short appearance on YouTube in 2013 with the song Nowhere Left To Go.
This song was written by Simon Matthews, long-time guitarist and producer of various James Ray incarnations including 25men,
The Longfolk and The Black Hearted Riders. The track was produced by James Ray, who also did the vocals.

As a matter of fact, two further tracks exist. Manhattan Smile, published by A Band Of Heathens already in 2011 on soundcloud,
and Dylan Thomas And Me, also available for a listen on soundcloud. Both of these tracks were written and procuced
by James Ray and have him on vocals.

The entire output of Earl Rivers & A Band Of Heathens is featured right at the beginning of the fully comprehensive 84-track
compiliation of James Ray songs and demos Spanish Cadillac Selected that was released in 2015, see also James Ray Re-Releases here below...

James Ray Re-Releases

Another Million Dollars EP
Psychodalek - Reissue PDF (front)
Spanish Cadillac Selected

In 2014, James Ray started to re-release his works, partly in new formats and including various additionals along bandcamp.

  • Another Million Dollars EP digital album & Photo Set available here ...
  • Psychodalek - The Wild, The Beautiful And The Damned (eBook​/​262 pages) available meanwhile @amazon only.
Unlike the original issue, this eBook does also include the screenplay The Wild, The Beautiful And The Damned.
  • Spanish Cadillac Selected - an 84-track digital album featuring the full abundance of James Ray's music,
released in June 2015 including demos and rare tracks plus a 74-page booklet in pdf-format available here...

For further information and steady updates, keep an eye on James Ray's Legacy Site @Facebook.

Before And After The Storm - Live 1993
Dustboat 1986-1989
Destination Assassination 1989-1992
with the French label d-monic, which got later moved to bandcamp.
The tracks of this release were recorded live in 1993 and include all the classic Gangwar hits.

Then, two compilations were released with Cherry Red Records on July 31rst, 2015 covering the era from 1986-1989,
both of which are now long out of stock and no longer listed there.

  • Dust Boat - The Merciful Release Recordings 1986 - 1989 - James Ray And The Performance
a compilation CD featuring the Mexico Sundown Blues, Texas and Dust Boat singles as well as six bonus tracks
plus plenty of rare memorabilia and extensive liner notes based on new interviews with James Ray
  • Destination Assassination - The Merciful Release Reordings 1986-1989 - James Ray's Gangwar
a 2CD set featuring Another Million Dollars, Without Conscience and their first full album Dios Está De Nuestro Lado on CD1
as well as 16 previously unreleased demos on CD2 available on CD for the first time
plus plenty of rare memorabilia and extensive liner notes based on new interviews with James Ray

James Ray & The Black Hearted Riders

The most current project of James Ray are James Ray & The Black Hearted Riders, a collective of musicians from all around the UK,
mainly James Ray, Damon Vingoe, Anna Parry, Simon Matthews, Dr Robert Potter, John E. Vistic and Justin Greaves
and a few others like Annie Pye, Alan Holmes, Caroline Guirr, Jan Ford, Matt Venn, Richard Harvey, Tom Hammond
and Sykes.

The Black Hearted Riders released their first LP Last Train From Woody Creek in Summer 2015 and played their first gig at the
Wild West District Rusty Spurs Stage @Boomtown Festival, Hampshire in August that year.

In September 2016, their second CD Dawn Death Zephyr followed.

For Summer 2017, another produce titled Fields Of Rape was announced, but didn't materialise. Instead, a live CD
- Broken Glass & Bullet Holes - was released on 13 December 2017, which does feature a track called Fields Of Rape.

Stone Junction LP

Check here for orders and see also James Ray & The Black Hearted Riders @Facebook for news on gigs and coming releases.

On 29 August 2018, James Ray & The Black Hearted Riders released the limited edition 12" vinyl LP Stone Junction.
All tracks were compiled from the "Dawn Death Zephyr" & "Last Train From Woody Creek" CD-albums and released in vinyl quality.
The vinyl is available with the French label d-monic@bandcamp, where a digital release can be obtained as well.

Some recent produce by James Ray & The Black Hearted Riders of 2021 are available only as single video track under the following
links and titles: Now Death Is Over, Bless Your Sour and Long Road.

July 2022 saw the release of the latest CD-album The Wild, The Beautiful & The Damned @soundcloud,
now, however, under the name of James Ray & The Lowriders. Other than The Black Hearted Riders,
James Ray & The Lowriders consist of James Ray, Damon Vingoe, Erik Minto, Jane O'Conell,
J.B. Ridge, Kevin Wiseman, Michelle Miller, Mick Emerson and Travis Earl.

Last Train From Woody Creek
Dawn Death Zephy
Broken Glass & Bullet Holes
The Wild, The Beautiful & The Damned

Book Of Songs - Cover (front)
Book Of Songs - Cover (front)

Lyrics Book

In 2018, a lyrics book of songs written and released by James Ray saw the light of day.

  • Title & Author: Book Of Songs - James Ray
  • Format: Paperback (75 pages)
  • Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.5 x 20.3 cm
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: independently published by A.M.O.
  • Date of publication: 19 December 2018
  • Identification Markers:
ISBN-10: 1791991289
ISBN-13: 978-1791991289
Barcode: 9 781791 991289 9000
  • Distribution: - no longer available -