Fri, 28-Aug-1992

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The Sisters of Mercy at Sabine Retz's Living Room

FREE PRIVATE GIG - in the living-room of Reptile House Member Sabine Reets in Oberhausen, Germany. She had won it in a lottery by The Sisters of Mercy's very own Reptile House.

A review of the event was released in The Reptile House's inhouse magazine

UTR - Underneath The Rock no. 5 on page 10 and page 11.

More recently, German dark music mag Sonic Seducer interviewed Sabine Reets

about the events of 20 years ago. As turned out in this interview, Oberhausen 28th August 1992

was the debut of The Sisters of Mercy performing Comfortably Numb.

The interview can be viewed in full (in German language, though) here.

Here's a collection of photos from that gig ...

The Sisters of Mercy at Sabine Retz's Living Room


- not necessarily complete -


The concert was recorded by the band.
It was agreed for Sabine to get a copy,
which so far never realized ....