Fri, 30-Jun-2006

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The Sisters of Mercy performing in bright daylight @Tuska Metal Festival 2006

Tuska Metal Festival, Helsinki, Finland

The last summer gig before September of the swerving into summer leg during the sisters bite the silver bullet tour in 2006. One of the few concerts The Sisters of Mercy performed in bright daylight.

An audience recording of this concert does exist and is in circulation among the fanbase. Some reviews are also available; please check here @The Heartland Forums' Archives...


Tour Logo 2006

- somewhat debatable -

First Encore

Second Encore


Some further pictures from the gig

- Please click into the photos for larger views - * Our thanks for most of these pictures go to Indrek * -

Ben and Von @Tuska Metal Festival 2006
Andrew Eldritch @Tuska Metal Festival 2006
Von and Chris on stage @Tuska Metal Festival 2006
Chris Catalyst on stage @Tuska 2006
Andrew Eldritch and Chris Catalyst on stage @Tuska Metal Festival 2006
Von @Tuska Metal Festival 2006