Gimme Shelter - Something Fast (double-sided flexi)

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Gimme Shelter - Something Fast - Cover (front)

Another one of those very rare double-sided Russian flexis, this time in green colour...

Release Notes

  • Format: 5.5" vinyl flexi-disc
  • Catalogue#: 2623
  • Release date: - unknown, early 1990s
  • Place of Release: Russia


Side A Duration           Side B Duration
Gimme Shelter         5:59            Something Fast         4:36


  • The recordings are in mono and play at 45 rpm.
  • As usual for the double-sided flexis, there is no note of the second track on Side B of the flexi, neither on the cover nor on the label,
while the coverart and the catalogue# are identical with the Gimme Shelter flexi that is featured on the a-side.
  • Most remarkably, a further double-sided flexi with the same catalogue# and cover art does exist - in that case a blue one,
which has, however, Fix on the b-side, see Gimme Shelter - Fix (double-sided flexi).
  • The cover consists of a b/w computer print on plain paper and does not enfold the flexi in full, so that the vinyl colour is visible.
Other colours than the green one shown here have so far not been traced.

Additional Pictures

- Please click into the pictures for larger views ... -

  • Especially in enlargement and comparison, these pictures make clear, that there are two tracks on this flexi, while there is only one on the regular version.
  • It is also visible that the track on the a-side is longer than the one on Side B. The groove on Side A has a notably defined start and ending, while the one on
the b-side does obviously start later into the vinyl and end earlier.

Gimme Shelter - Something Fast - Flexi disc (green)
- Side A featuring Gimme Shelter
Gimme Shelter - Something Fast - Flexi disc (green)
- Side B featuring Something Fast
Gimme Shelter - Flexi disc (green)
- regular one-track version