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Near Meth Experience @TRIX Club - Kickline

Kickline is a new song by The Sisters of Mercy that was - still without lyrics then -

  introduced to the fanbase on September 16th, 2019 at TRIX Club in Antwerp,

  where The Sisters appeared as Near Meth Experience ...

  First indications of new songs had come through a few days earlier

  on The Sisters' Live News Page below all the concert dates.

  where this song was listed as KICKLINE (Christo/Eldritch/Smith).

  Here is - thanks to Ingo Wennemaring - a first video of the rough version from TRIX.

  More will follow with further developments ... :-))) ...


At TRIX, the song was performed without lyrics: "We're still arguing about the words of that one. So this is what you get."... ;-)) ...

Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.

Music and Lyrics: Christo/Eldritch/Smith