Marian (Version)

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Marian (Version) is noted as such on official releases like First And Last And Always as much as on many bootlegs.

However, there is only one official version of the song.
Still, some instrumental demos and an alleged demo titled "Marian" but presenting Red Skies Disappear do in fact exist, see below ...

Quote from The Sisters Official Site (FAQs of the slightly less boring kind)

Why is 'Marian (version)' called 'Marian (version)'? Is there another one?
There is no other version of 'Marian'. Traditionally, reggae instrumentals were called 'Songname - version', to denote the fact that there's no singing.
'Marian (version)' is simply a reference to the record company's complaint that the vocals on 'Marian' are far too quiet.

The lyrics to the song can be found here under Marian (song) ...

Marian - Instrumental Demo (5:39)
Marian - Instumental Demo (5:46)
Marian - Demo 1985 (3:39)
Red Skies Disappear - Demo 1984 (3:43)