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The Manhattan, Bradford, England

The first concert of The Sisters of Mercy's UK touring activities in 1983, not yet very far from Leeds ...

For a long time, this concert was thought to have taken place one day later and it is listed as such

Band Line-up 1983 bw.jpg

in the official Sisters Gigography as well. An error, as has meanwhile reliably been proved...

Sisters Bradford Announcement Flyer Snippet

Recordings from this concert do exist, but these as well were mostly ascribed to January 4th, 1983 as the recording date, see the live bootlegs:

and might well come from the same source as used for the Rough Diamonds LP or even be ripped from the latter.
and as a matter of fact, Body Electric is lacking a few seconds
possibly the reason why it was omitted from the Rough Diamonds bootleg LP release

An interesting read on this concert with pictures and lots of additional information is available in the blog

I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan under the entry First, we take Manhattan - Bradford, January 1983

Check also the entry The Sisters of Mercy gigs in Bradford area 1982/83 - an update, which features all the circumstances

around the revelation of the actual concert date and from where we have captured the link to this flyer listing the present concert

for January 3rd, 1983 by the promoter Nick Toczek.

Still video - The Sisters of Mercy @Manhattan, Bradford 03.01.83
* with many thanks to the uploaders