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Invitation Promo Vinyl (Label)

Galerie Abriss, Hamburg, Germany - Official Record Launch Event

The Sisters of Mercy's then record company EastWest invited journalists, radio people and other local music biz agents

on April 6th 1992 to a vernissage featuring the paintings of artist, screewriter and film director Armin Völckers

at Abriss-Galerie in Hamburg, Germany to promote the coming lauch of Some Girls Wander By Mistake.

Abriss Galerie, or Galerie Abriss (English equivalent: Gallery Demolition), 1986–1993, derived its name from its location

in Hamburger Hafenstreet, an area that was squatted and destined for demolition at the time. The gallery was operated

by technician Jörg Menzel and painter Pittjes Hitschfeld (art director) as a non-commercial project for experimental forms

of art and offered a space for a crossover of all sorts of arts ranging from Trash, Pop and Dada to High Culture and back.

A Short Press Review - Original caption says:
"Andrew Eldritch in leather dress, Michael Ruff at the window"

EastWest's invitation letter included an (allegedly unplayable) vinyl record with details

about the location, the title of the coming album and The Sisters' logo printed on the labels.

For full information about this invitation promo, see:

Some Girls Wander By Mistake (German Invitation Promo).

Of course, German music press reported directly from the event, see the press cutting on the left.

The text (originally in German by Michael Ruff) says:

With rain and a flurry of camera flashes outside, large parts of the local (Hamburg) music biz convened inside Gallery Abriss for a big get-together for nibbles and drinks. They had come at the invitation of record company EastWest, who chose the place as their lauching party location for a "new" Sisters Of Mercy album. The album, in fact, is a compilation of EPs, the band had released in their early years. In order to prevent invitees from getting lost in the neighbouring Volxküche, picturesque "Gallery Abriß" even received their own little EastWest pub sign. Andrew Eldritch was, however, not allowed to wear his elegant beige suit. Anyway, the paintings of artist Armin Völckers exhibited inside the gallery must have been done in darkest Sisters-Of-Mercy excess ...

For more information about "Volxküche" we recommend you start here... (mostly in German, though)

On the occasion of this event German TV channel TELE5 produced a video interview (mostly in German language) btw, which can be found here on YT.