Mon, 13-Mar-2006

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State Theatre Detroit Marquee in daylight
State Theatre Detroit Marquee by night

State Theatre, Detroit, USA

Part of the American leg of the sisters bite the silver bullet tour in 2006

Support act: The Warlocks

For reviews and more see the according thread in the Heartland Forums Anrchives...



2006 sisters bite the silver bullet.jpg
 1.  First And Last And Always
 2.  Ribbons
 3.  Will I Dream?
 4.  Crash And Burn
 5.  When You Don't See Me
 6.  We Are The Same, Susanne
 7.  Giving Ground
 8.  Summer
 9.  Dominion/Mother Russia
10.  Slept
11.  Alice
12.  Anaconda
13.  Burn
14.  Flood II
15.  Something Fast
16.  Lucretia, My Reflection
17.  Top Nite Out
18.  Temple Of Love
19.  Vision Thing