No Time To Cry (video)

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The Sisters of Mercy - No Time To Cry

Produced by David M. Allen in 1985.

Very much an indication of what the Royal Albert Hall "Wake" performance could have been,

if Eldritch hadn't have broken a rib and been unable to move for most of that concert.

Lots of smoke, some impressive backlighting, a few trademark Eldritch hand-waves and finger-waggles

and much swirling of microphone stands.

All this faux-live footage is interspersed with some rather odd clips of Eldritch walking across

a forecourt in the shadows and down a flight of stairs singing into his microphone. Surreal.

Pretty representative of where The Sisters were at visually, back in 1985,

and a whole world away from the silliness of the Wake Away video.

A choice selection of stills

Vid notime1.jpg Vid notime2.jpg Vid notime3.jpg
Vid notime4.jpg Vid notime5.jpg Vid notime6.jpg
Vid notime7.jpg Vid notime8.jpg Vid notime9.jpg