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Amphi Announcement
Aftershow Party Announcement

Amphi Festival 2012, Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany

The Sisters of Mercy's first appearance at the Amphi Festival in Cologne,

where they headlined day one of the two-day event.

On day two, a band involving The Sisters' sound manager Jürgen Jansen,

Project Pitchfork, did also play at this festival.

During the concert, the Irish singer Lisa Cuthbert joined The Sisters of Mercy

on stage. She did background vocals on various songs, a solo of This Corrosion

and also sang in Temple Of Love the part Ofra Haza had sung in the 1992 version.

Before the gig, fanbase-produced stickers were spread

and given away with merchandise purchases.

An aftershow party was organised by the fanbase at Blue Shell, Cologne.

Various audience recordings of this concert do exist,

and are in circulation, see Amphitamine Logic...

For reviews, great photos, more vids and everything please see the according thread on Heartland Forum from around here...

For information about more gigs around that time see also Summer 2012.

Amphi Festival Weekend Ticket


  • Arms - feat. Lisa Cuthbert


Amphi Festival 2012 - Wristband

A few videos from the gig

The Sisters of Mercy @Amphi Festival Cologne 2012 - Alice
This Corrosion performed by Lisa Cuthbert on stage with The Sisters of Mercy @Amphi Festival Cologne 2012
The Sisters of Mercy @Amphi Festival Cologne 2012 - Kiss The Carpet, Ribbons, Arms, Dominion, This Corrosion, More, Vision Thing, Temple Of Love