Sat, 24-Jul-1993

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The Sisters of Mercy @Belga Beach Festival 1993

Belga Beach Festival, Zeebrugge, Belgium

Andrew Eldritch @Belga Beach Festival 1993

The first time The Sisters supported Depeche Mode on their stadium tour.

Unfortunately, the sun would not show itself from its best side.

Other acts were Vaya Con Dios, Van Morrison, Bjorn Again, The Wonder Stuff, Sunscreem and Depeche Mode.

This show appears on the double-VHS video bootleg Zeebrugge - Belga Beach Festival and London - Crystal Palace 1993.

The according video has been deleted from YouTube, however, so down here left is at least some footage of More.

An audience recording does exist as well, see Red Ribbons.

Andrew Eldritch performing in Zeebrügge


The Sisters of Mercy - More - @Belga Beach Festival 1993