Red Ribbons

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Red Ribbons - CD Cover (front)

An audience recording from The Sisters performance

at Belga Beach Festival, Zeebrugge, Belgium on 24 July 1993.

Release Notes

  • Taper: n.a.
  • Format: data files or CDr
  • Lineage: - unknown -
  • Circulated: 1993


  • Due to upcoming wind and rain, the sound has some fluctuations,
but is still far from unlistenable.
who had long left the band when this concert took place.
  • An audience video recording of this show is featured on the double-VHS video bootleg
Zeebrugge - Belga Beach Festival and London - Crystal Palace 1993.

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This recording is for personal use only and by no means for sale or other abuse !!!

Go to the shows and buy the official releases of the band!

Red Ribbons - CD Cover (back)

Track List