Temple Of Love 12" (test pressing)

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Temple Of Love 1983 - Testpressing Side A
Temple Of Love 1983 - Testpressing Side B

A testpressing of The Sisters of Mercy's Temple Of Love 12" single

from 1983 with handwritten catalogue# and production date stamp.

Production Notes

  • Label: Mayking
  • Catalogue#: MRX 027
  • Format: 12" vinyl single (Test Pressing)
  • Issued: 18 August 1983 (France)


  • Date Stamp: 18 AOUT 1983
  • The label Side AA is marked B. As is often the case with test pressings.
On side B, the catalogue# of the single is not mentioned.
  • The tracks are noted in handwriting on the otherwise white vinyl sleeve.

Track List

Side A Side B
A1   Temple Of Love (extended version)                                  B1   Heartland
   B2   Gimme Shelter