Thu, 30-May-1985

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Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, USA

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Armageddon Tour in 1985,

the final tour in their First And Last And Always line-up.

Support act: Fontanelles

This concert was recorded see - Floorshow and Silence Is Platinum.

Audience recordings from the gig are also in circulation among the fanbase.

Check down below for some vids (with tracks) from the gig...


Original Ticket
Pre-sale Ticket stub

Thanks for the pictures of the handbill and the tickets to HL Forum member brunobossier.

Another picture of the same handbill can be found at Flickr.

Some Vids...

Our thanks for these go to TravisBickle1963 and spiggymr7.

First And Last And Always - 30/05/85
Emma - 30/05/85
No Time To Cry - 30/05/85
Floorshow - 30/05/85