Tour Thing 91

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Tour Thing - Disc

Tour Thing '91 is a promotional release to support The Sisters 1991 Tour Thing 2 Tour.

Release Notes

  • Label: Elektra Records
  • Catalogue#: PRCD 8343
  • Format: CD (promo)
  • Released: 1991 (USA


  • This is the first time Blood Money appeared on a CD as an official release.
  • No front cover.
  • The back cover lists the tracks and their origin as well as the tour dates.
  • Track 3 is misspelt on the sleeve and written A Rock In A Hard Place.
  • Track 4 - This Corrosion 7" -, is an edited version and technically not "from Floodland"
as stated on the inlay. The only other CD release of this 7" version is on the
This Corrosion ELEKTRA US promo.

Tour Thing 91 - CD (back inlay)

Track List

Track Origin according to the inlay Duration
01   Blood Money UK Unreleased B-Side    3:12
02   Possession from First And Last And Always    4:39
03   A Rock And A Hard Place         from First And Last And Always              3:34
04   This Corrosion from Floodland    4:28
05   1959 from Floodland    4:12
06   Ribbons (song) from Vision Thing    5:31
07   Doctor Jeep from Vision Thing    4:43
08   I Was Wrong from Vision Thing    6:04