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One of the few Sisters Instrumentals ... which does, however, exist in variuos versions ...

The title might however refer to:

Most remarkably, a saxophone is featured in this song.
Duration: 3:38 min.

Ozymandias - part of Untitled (extended) in the version of the Dominion 12" Limited Edition Box
Track time according to discogs is 7:35 min. In fact, this is the standard 7" version
followed seamlessly by Ozymandias (which is not credited on the cover).

the Acoustics From The Beehive and Kill The Lights. Track duration: 6:54 min.
Here, there is basically a guitar track in the fore and some bass line in the background.
In a way, this version reminds strongly of an instrumental demo version of I Was Wrong,
a song that got released later as the final track on the Vision Thing album.

The last one in this list differs very much form the other two and is often referred to as "Untitled II".

It is not clear who wrote the music to it. The music in case of the Dominion versions was written

by Andrew Eldritch.

In addition to the tracks listed above, there are two further Untitled instrumental tracks,

allegedly used for soundcheck at Tivoli, Utrecht, NL in 1984.

As these tracks are featured on the 12" bootleg The Grief, it is necessary to mention them here,

although it is not verified whether any, and if so which, members of The Sisters of Mercy actually

participated in said soundcheck.