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The Sisters of Mercy - Temple Of Love - Hamburg, Kir Club, 31/08/83 - still video thanks to spiggytapes 

  Kir, Hamburg, West Germany

  Part of The Sisters of Mercy's first trip to continental Europe,

  the Trans-Europe Excess Tour in Summer 1983.

  The concert was recorded and is in circulation among the fanbase.

  It also made it onto the 12" bootleg LP Live At Kir-Club, Hamburg,

  although that recording is incomplete.

  Track 3 from this show - Temple Of Love (yet unreleased at the time) - is also on

  the Green Eldritch bootleg and Track 7 - Kiss The Carpet on the Ghostrider EP

In addition, the Jesus Loves The Sisters tape has turned out to feature the present concert and not, as was believed for a long time and as is written on the tape,
the show of September 1st at Odeon in Münster. For some extened information and an interesting read about this concert we recommend you check the entry
The Lights Shine Kir - Hamburg, 31st August 1983 at the wonderful I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan blog.


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