Live At Kir-Club, Hamburg

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Live At Kir-Club - LP Cover (front)

A 12" vinyl bootleg, recorded live during the Trans-Europe Excess Tour in 1983.

At that time, a few months before the acutal release of the Temple Of Love single,

The Sisters Of Mercy would occasionally perform this song during their gigs, though not at every

concert. Relatively soon after the official release, however, and even in the same year, they stopped

playing it at all, and Temple Of Love was not heard live for a long time.

The song would become a regular part of their setlist again only with Tour Thing I in the year 1990.

To include a live version of a then unreleased song into a bootleg is an enormous enhancement

for the according product as examples like The Lights Shine Clear Through The Sodium Haze,

Through The Years, Tender Mercies, Possession or the ECHOES VOL 1 7" single clearly confirm.

All these bootlegs were much sought-after straight from the day of their release.

While Side B of this LP comes with an extremly short tracklist of only two songs and an almost

disappointing running time, the A-side - in conclusion - offers a very interesting combination of

songs, particularly due to the presence of the aforementioned Temple Of Love track.

Rembrandt - The Phoenix or The Statue Overthrown (1658)

Release Notes

  • Label: GPI Inc
  • Catalogue#: SO-310883
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Runouts:
A-Side: SO - 310883-A
B-Side: SO - 310883-B
  • Released: 1991

Basic Remarks

  • The article of the band's name is omitted on the cover and the spine of all issues.
Live At Kir-Club Hamburg - Spine of the cover
  • The speed-level of this recording is a slight bit too high, which shows clearly when
comparing for example the Temple Of Love track here to the versions of other bootlegs
with a recording from the same concert, like Green Eldritch or The Lights Shine Clear.
  • Beyond the band name, the place of recording and the track list, the back cover notes:
"Frontcover: "The Phoenix", an etching by Rembrandt, 1658" and
"Promotion Copy - Not for Sale. All rights reserved. GPI Inc. 1991"
Live At Kir-Club Hamburg - Initial back cover without sticker


  • This bootlegs exists in basically four versions, all pressed on black vinyl.
Live At Kir-Club Hamburg - Cover (back)
  • The first version comes with Merciful Release labels on both sides of the record,
but has a wrong tracklist for the B-side printed on the cover back. Interestingly,
that track list continues in exactly the order of songs as performed at the gig,
missing, however, the final two tracks "Lights" and "Sister Ray", which are now
present on the actual release. One can only imagine that, initially, the bootleggers
had planned for this collection of songs, but changed their mind later, while the
covers had already been printed and some copies leaked with that "old" cover.
giving the side markers "A" and "B", respectively
The track list of Side B on the cover back now has a black sticker with white print glued to it
naming the actual contents of the record "Lights" and "Sister Ray".
  • The third version comes with a Dead Kennedys logo on the label of Side A.
The label on Side B the has the regular "B"-side Merciful Release logo.
  • And there is a further, say "fourth" version with likewise Dead Kennedys logo the A-side
and a Merciful Release logo on Side B, .which marked with "C", however, instead of "B".
  • Allegedly, this bootleg is also available on blue vinyl
but so far not even a picture of this has ever surfaced.


Kiss The Carpet, Heartland, Anaconda, Emma, Floorshow and Gimme Shelter are missing.

Track List

  A1   Burn   B1   Lights
  A2   Valentine   B2   Sister Ray
  A3   Temple Of Love                      
  A4   Alice
  A5   Adrenochrome
  A6   Body Electric

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Additional Pictures

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Live At Kir Club Cover (front) and record with Merciful Release Logo on Side A
Live At Kir Club
- Label Side A with Merciful Release Logo
Live At Kir Club
- Label Side B with Merciful Release Logo
Live At Kir Club Cover (front) and record with Dead Kennedys Logo on Side A
Live At Kir Club
- Label Side A with Dead Kennedys Logo
Live At Kir Club
- Label Side B with Merciful Release Logo marked C