A Three Record Set - FUNN 7" Triple Pack

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7" Triple Pack - White wrap-around cover (front)

This three-vinyl set is also known as "Unreleased Demos"

7" Triple Pack - Coloured wrap-around cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: 8/9/29
  • Format: 3 x 7" single on coloured vinyl
  • Released: 1989 (US)

Release Remarks

  • These recordings were issued by FUNN
within two different releases before,
see The Shuttered Room and Sins And Secrets.
Accordingly, the run-out grooves are identical.
FUNN 3 x 7" Vinyl Records Set - Vinyl Set
  • Matrix / Run-outs:
Record 1: L-31980 / Funn-8-A and L-31980 X / Funn-8-B
Record 2: L-31979 / Funn-9-A and L-31979 X / Funn-9-B
Record 3: L-35497 / Funn-29-A and L-35497 X / Funn-29-B

Further Remarks

  • Limited Edition of 100 machine-numbered copies
  • The cover consists of a white wrap-around sleeve with Merciful Release logo on the front.
  • The cover back lists the tracks in mixed order. Apart from the numbering, it only notes:
ALL UNRELEASED DEMO'S RECORDED 1983 - which is true for only a part of the tracks.
  • In addition, the vinyls are wrapped in a coloured cover showing an excerpt from an official
press photo of Andrew Eldritch formerly featured in Melody Maker, Issue 5 September 1987
Melody Maker - Issue 5 Sept 1987
Full Page Press Photo: Andrew Eldritch
  • In a way it seems doubtful that the coloured cover should be the insert.
After all, both items are wrap-around covers so that the white one could
possibly as well go as an insert on the inside ...
  • The vinyls are all coloured in a different tone of pink or purple:
mauve, blackberry pink and dark pink vinyl.
  • The labels on all three records are plain white.
7" Triple Pack - White wrap-around cover (back)

Track List

Record One Record Two Record Three
A1  Heartland     B1  Valentine     C1  Knockin' On Heaven's Door    
A2  Jolene B2  Burn C2  Emma


These tracks were recorded live during the BBC Radio One Kid Jenson Show of March 6th, 1983
Allegedly, these recordings were from the Royal Albert Hall 1985, while some sources name "Demos 1984"
or "Demos 1985" as their origin. To all likeliness, they come from the Strawberry Sessions 1984