Basement Demos 1982

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Before the actual recording session for the Alice 7" and the Alice EP at Kenny Giles Studio

one week of pre-production took place at Eldritch's flat in Leeds recorded by Andrew Eldritch and (possibly) John Ashton.

Whether the latter was indeed involved in these basement demos is not 100% clarified.

The resulting recordings are featured on various bootlegs like for example Kenny Giles Walks On Water.


Song Duration Remarks
1969    2:32 possibly recorded already in 1981
Good Things                3:37             possibly recorded already in 1981
Alice    3:05 psychedelic intro

1982 Basement Demo - 1969
1982 Basement Demo - Good Things
1982 Basement Demo - Alice with psychedelic intro

Our thanks for these videos go to endmoniada75. Check that chanel and you will find many more great treasures.