Black Dominion

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Black Dominion - Box Cover (front)
Black Dominion - Box Cover (back)

A studio bootleg from the late 1980ies featuring various so-called mixes which are obviously demos for later official releases.

Black Dominion - Box with (as an exception) clear vinyl

Release Notes

  • Label: - none -
  • Catalogue#: BD 359
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1989


  • Very good sound quality
  • Side A runs at 45 RPM, Side B runs at 33 1/3 RPM
  • Comes in a glossy black sleeve with triangle stickers
    on the front and on the back of the cover.
  • Released in three editions:
    - Box set (limited to 20 copies)
    - 12" edition on clear vinyl (limited to 20 copies)
    - Standard 12" on black vinyl (limited to 1.000 copies)
  • Matrix# on all vinyls: BD 359


  • The original first edition is a limited-edition box-set of strictly 20 copies.
  • The boxes include:
    - the black vinyl with plain red labels,
    - two large card inserts which are simply the regular glossy black 12" cover cut into two cards,
    - a large (8x10) live colour photo of Andrew Eldritch
Black Dominion - Second edition clear vinyl with yellow labels
  • All items inside the box are hand-numbered, and so is the vinyl on the label.
  • The box itself is black (or dark grey) with the lid glued to it on the left side.
    It has the same glossy triangle stickers on the front and the back as the standard 12" cover.
    But the stickers on the box are way larger.
  • Basically, all vinyls of these box-sets are black.
    However, at least one box-set with clear vinyl has surfaced as well.

  • The second edition features the same tracks on clear vinyl with plain yellow labels.
  • This edition is also limited to 20 copies.
  • The thick black glossy cover has the same triangle stickers on the front and back as the box set,
    though in much smaller size.

  • The third edition, known as the Standard Edition is basically the same as the second one.
  • Vinyls are black with plain blue or plain yellow labels.
  • This is also a limited edition, but of allegedly 1.000 copies.

Black Dominion - 12" Standard LP Cover (front)
Black Dominion - 12" vinyl with plain yellow labels
Black Dominion - 12" Standard LP Cover (front)

Track List

Side A Cover Note Original Source
A1   Dominion (Andrew Eldritch Mix)                            Early Studio Recording                              most likely the Floodland Demo
Side B
B1   Body And Soul Rough Mix Demo
B2   Body Electric Rough Mix Demo
B3   A Rock Original Mix A Rock And A Hard Place, in fact a demo
B4   Burn Radio Mix
B5   Home 0:18 Mix Home Of The Hit-Men, original Damage Done single track
B6   This Corrosion 3:59 Mix Demo

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Additional Pictures

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Standard Edition

Black Dominion - regular 12" with blue labels
Black Dominion - regular 12" with yellow labels
Black Dominion - Sticker (back cover / Detail)

Box Set

Black Dominion - Box (contents)
Black Dominion - Box (inside)
Black Dominion - Insert Cards
Black Dominion - Coloured Live Photo