But Genevieve (song)

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But Genevieve - the first live performance
Albert Hall, Manchester, UK, 07/03/2020
The Sisters of Mercy - But Genevieve,
Roundhouse, London, UK, 10/09/2021
The Sisters of Mercy - But Genevieve
Muziekgieterij, Maastricht, NL, 01/04/2022

A fully NEW song by The Sisters of Mercy. But Genevieve was presented to the crowds on 7 March 2020 at Albert Hall Manchester, England, UK.

A first sign of the song had already shown, when the title was published on The Sisters' Live News page together with the tour dates for 2020.

2020 UK Tour Announcement


from the official live news page


Genevieve, I think you're lovely
I made you cry, I made you mine
Genevieve, I think you're lovely
But Genevieve, it's time


Some attempts at the lyrics can be found in the Heartland Forums under the entries

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Music and Lyrics: Christo/Eldritch/Smith