Feel No Pain (bootleg)

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Feel No Pain (The SSV Project)

Picture Disc Front
Picture Disc Back

This picture disc version of the SSV album Go Figure

advertises itself as an "Unreleased Album From 1997".

It contains all songs from Go Figure - with an altered track list.

So the positions of Knife, Paper, Stone & Guns

and Shut The Fuck Up are changed around.

Release Notes

  • Label: Merciful Release
  • Catalog#: 5400225
  • Format: Vinyl LP, Picture disc
  • Release date: 1998


  • Note on vinyl: Limited Edition Promotional Use Only
  • This Picture Disc is supposed to exist in LP format as much as on CD, for the latter we have not yet found any picture or other evidence.
There is, however, a CD-bootleg titled Screw Shareholder Value with identical content but very different artwork.
  • The vinyl mainly comes without a cover and is stored in a common plastic sleeve without further info or sticker,
but has also surfaced in a Nuclear Blast cut-out sleeve.

Feel No Pain - Picture Disc with "Nuclear Blast" cut-out sleeve

Track List

this side

1. Drugsar
2. High School
3. Feel No Pain
4. Go Figure
5. Knife, Paper, Stone And Guns

other side

1. Nice
2. Shut The Fuck Up
3. Two In The Nose
4. Bad Vultee
5. Gone