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Go Figure - planned album artwork
Feel No Pain - Picture Disc (Side A)
Screw Shareholder Value - CD Cover (front)

Gone is a song on the SSV album Go Figure. It is the fifth track on the bootleg-LP Feel No Pain and the Screw Shareholder Value CD.

The song contains many different synth sounds, and instrumentally, is a lot more full than the other SSV songs. It sounds a little "softer"

than some of the others (compared to, say, Shut The Fuck Up). The song consists of only one word spoken in it, and otherwise is quite

repetitive, yet, quality-wise rather respectable techno.

See above for a still video of the track for a listen.

There is also a definitely interesting article about the entire Go Figure album with some further pictures and

some useful links in the HEAVYLEATHERBLOG's bootleg section under $crew $hareholder ¥alue : “Go Figure”.



Music: P. Bellendir / Lyrics: T. Schroeder
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.