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Album cover (front)
12" single cover (front)

The first track on Side B of Dios Esta De Nuestro Lado,

the first album by James Rays Gangwar launched

in 1992 on Merciful Release.

The album is available on vinyl and on CD.

Hardwar was also launched as b-side of the 12" single

Rev Rev Lowrider, though not with Merciful Release.

The lyrics to this song can also be found

on this James Ray Fan Website.

See as well our James Ray Discography

and of course James Ray's Official Site,

where some audio of this track is available for listening.

In addition, you can find here a great recording of the song in a still video version of Leeds 1993...



See the rider
Come on rider
Bring me home now
Ride on home now

Rev Rev Lowrider - 12" single (cover with part of the vinyl)

Love somebody
Need somebody
Guide my dreams home
My rocket machine

This is the Hardwar
This is the Hardwar
This is the Hardwar
Baby I know

Angel dust, yeah
Cold as ice
Raise my body

Saw you leaving
my heart is beating
Tiny tiny
girl of mine


Born to move
Born too loose
Born to move
Born to lose

See the rider
Come on rider
Time to leave your
mind behind


Words & Music: James Rays Gangwar
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.