Left On Venom And Revenge (song)

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The Sisters of Mercy of 2020 - v.l.: Ben C., Andrew E., Ravey D., Dylan S.
Demo Tape Inlay for the envisged second studio album by The Sisters of Mercy
"Left On Mission And Revenge" drafted by Andrew Eldritch back in the 1980s

Left On Venom And Revenge is a new song by The Sisters of Mercy written by Ben Christo, Andrew Eldritch and Dylan Smith.
The track was added to the list on the official Live News Page below the tour dates in the run-up for the 2020 Europe Spring Tour
around February 2020 together with But Genevieve, Eyes Of Caligula, We Are On This Plane, Black Sail and I Will Call You.

It bears a clear reference to the working title of the follow-up album to The Sisters' first studio album First And Last And Always,
which was meant to be "Left On Mission And Revenge".


- not yet available -